About Alexis

Alexis is a recent law school graduate who loves traveling, thinking about traveling, finding ways to work travel into her daily life and reading cases.  She is one of those rare grads who actually liked law school and is excited to start her career!  She hails from Our Fair City, Boston, Massachusetts, her adopted city since 2001.  Before that she spent extended time in Ohio, Virginia, Connecticut and less extended time in Spain and Japan.  Her Mom is Canadian and calls soda “pop”.  Her Dad is from Delaware and enjoys spending his days working on family genealogy, in order to discover all of the other places that her family is from.  This all adds up to Alexis having no accent!   Alexis speaks French, Spanish and Japanese, none of them well.  Her favorite colors are brown, blue and cranberry red, but not together.  She enjoys writing couplets, eating pickles, riding ferris wheels and drinking Dunkin Donuts iced coffee.  In all of her travels, she misses the iced coffee the most.


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