Vignette: On the Road in Ishikawa

26 May

T, Car and Fi are off for a day trip in Ishikawa, Japan.  Parked in a convenience store parking lot looking for directions to Hakusan.  Cars, windy roads and I don’t get along so I get to sit in the front.  Perhaps not the best idea since Car seems to be the only one who knows where to go.  Fi tunes out Car and T’s bickering and admires the mountains in the distance, or some cute Japanese young man, either are just as possible.  I always have fun with these three!


Movie: Julie and Julia

26 May

I am not a movie person.  It has been a well established facebook-favorite-movie confession that I do not like any movies that I cannot walk away from for 10 minutes and then not still understand the plot.  I am sorry.  I watch movies to relax- if I wanted my mind to bend, I would read a court case…. or think about politics or something.

But I am in the middle of finals and I needed a break.  Matt suggested Julie and Julia because he knew I would love it.  And I DID!!  First of all, Julie is just like ME!

She has a fantastic significant other-  Eric Powell is kind of dreamy, and a great sport for eating all of Julie’s creations.

I have a fantastic significant other-  Matt supports me every step of the way.  When my friends got held up in Malaysia while I waited for them in Singapore, he figured out what hotel I was at (no small feat considering I’d only really given him that the word “beach” was in the title, and mine was the only beach hotel nowhere near the beach) and called me in the morning to cheer me up .

She lived in New York City.

I have lived in New York City!

She is almost thirty.

I am almost thirty.   (Well, I am closer to 30 than 25).

She has a blog.

And, dun dun dun dun…. I have a blog!

Throughout the movie I kept thinking, “Oh man, this is ME!”  And then I realized- that is point!  That is why people like this movie- they relate to it.  I found the movie inspirational.  Julie is unhappy with her life so she finds a way to fix it- she needs inspiration herself.  She needs something new.  So she sets a goal and she reaches it, in the process awakening a passion for cooking, entertaining and life.